Picture: Iko Freese | drama-berlin.de
Picture: Iko Freese | drama-berlin.de
Picture: Iko Freese | drama-berlin.de
Picture: Iko Freese | drama-berlin.de
Picture: Iko Freese | drama-berlin.de
Picture: Iko Freese | drama-berlin.de
Richard Ayres

Peter Pan

Children's opera in two acts [2013]
Libretto by Lavinia Greenlaw /
Based on the story of the same name by James Matthew Barrie / German translation by Adelheid and Jürgen Dormagen
Nov '16
Dec '16
Jan '17
Feb '17
Monday, 20. February 2017
Co-production with Welsh National Opera
Flying children in Neverland! The renowned English composer Richard Ayres has taken James M. Barrie's famous story of the boy who never wants to grow up and set it to music which is at times sensitive and emotional, at other times powerfully zippy, transforming it into a piece of furioso musical theatre for the whole family.

With the help of Peter Pan, the little boy who can fly, John, Michael und Wendy Darling escape their father's anger. They fly from their London home to the island of Neverland. With Peter as their leader and Wendy as their surrogate mother, the four children experience exciting adventures as they battle against the dangerous pirates and their fierce ruler Captain Hook – who somehow reminds us of Mr Darling. But ultimately, this great freedom is merely a flight from responsibility and growing up. To remain forever a child – even this dream one day loses its appeal ...

The small boy from »Neverland« who refuses to grow up is the Scottish journalist and poet James M. Barrie's most famous invention. Inspired by his godchildren, in the early twentieth century Barrie created a fascinating dream realm in which the rules of the grownups don't yet hold sway over children's imaginations. The children resist the constraints of an ordered life with a mixture of escapism and rebellion.
Weird dance rhythms meet acrobatic flight sequences; grand orchestral sounds encounter cityscape cartoons; and jazz collides with a scary crocodile – Richard Ayres' music and Keith Warner's production promise a theatrical childhood saga for the young and young-at-heart.

Commissioned by the Oper Stuttgart and the Komische Oper Berlin as a co-production with the Welsh National Opera; commissioned with the kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation


Anthony Bramall
Keith Warner
Michael Barry
Stage design
Jason Southgate
Costume design
Nicky Shaw
Flight and fight direction
Ran Arthur Braun
Children's choir
Rob Halliday, Bruno Poet


Peter Pan
Mrs. Darling / Tiger Lily
Mr. Darling / Captain Hook
John Darling
Michael Darling
Wendy Darling
Nana / Starkey
Matthias Spenke
Sascha Borris
Tim Dietrich
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