Festivals 2016 | 17

Türk Müzik Festivali

16—18.Sep 2016
The diversity of Turkish music is being celebrated for an entire weekend. From Anatolian folklore to contemporary Turkish compositions – music which tells the story of great dramas, passion and yearning.

After five years of SELAM OPERA!, the Komische Oper Berlin is celebrating an entire festival weekend of Turkish music. Major and small ensembles, guests, musicians, singers and DJs will present a richly varied musical repertoire in all its facets – from traditional folk music (Halk Müzigi) and Kurdish songs to modern music and Türkçe pop.

Kardeş Türküler & Candan Erçetin
Mon 17 September 2016, 8 pm, stage
The highlight of the festival will be the concert by the music group Kardeş Türküler. With its Anatolian folk songs, this multi-ethnic, 13-person musical ensemble has been electrifying lovers of Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish and Arabian music, as well as music fans in general, for more than 20 years now. Kardeş Türküler will be presenting one of the most famous Turkish pop icons for the first time in Berlin: Candan Erçetin.

Türk Müziğin tüm renkleri – all the varieties of Turkish music
17 September 2016, from 1 pm, foyer
18 September 2016, from 10 am, foyer
In six chamber concerts, musicians from the Komische Oper Berlin, as well as music ensembles from Berlin, Germany and Turkey, will guide audiences through the different worlds of Turkish music.

Eski Dostlar Müziği – Songs by good friends
16 September 2016, 9 pm, foyer
The festival will be opened by old acquaintances: groups from "Heimatlieder aus Deutschland" ("Songs of home from Germany") will meet in the foyer with all the musicians participating in the festival, and there perform a late-night concert which will provide a little taste of what is to come during the festival itself.

Komische Oper Festival 2017

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A tenor, a soprano and three musicians travel around Europe on the Gastarbeiterroute –the road people who worked in Germany or Austria took to travel to their counties of origin during holidays. Berlin – Munich – Vienna – Belgrad – Sofia – Istanbul
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