Attending a performance

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code - feel free to dress up or down.

When should I arrive?

Make sure you plenty of time to find your seat. We recommend you arrive at the Komische Oper Berlin a minimum of 30 minutes before the performance starts. Performances start promptly.

Where do I pick up my tickets?

Tickets for collection for all performances are held at the Office in the Unter den Linden 41.  
Tickets for evening performances go on sale 1 hour before the curtain goes up, Entrance Behrenstraße. Tickets for chamber concerts and late-night concerts go on sale ½ hour before the performance.

Is there any way to see a sold-out performance?

Possibly yes. Due to the horseshoe shape of our Main Stage auditorium or because of the staging, some of the seats have a restricted view. These restricted view seats are only bookable by telephoning our Box Office, so the restrictions can be explained. Camera restricted view seats and listening seats may still be available. Please contact the Box Office on (030 / 47 99 74 00).

Is there a charge for using your cloakroom?

Use of the cloakroom is free for visitors to the Komische Oper Berlin, and is insured according to the displayed conditions of insurance. Please do not leave bags unattended in the theatre at any time.

What does it mean if my ticket is marked 'left' or 'right'?

Your ticket for the main auditorium will be marked LEFT or RIGHT depending on whether your seat is on the left or right of the auditorium. Please ensure that you follow the signage as once inside the auditorium it's impossible to cross from one side to the other.

Is there a introduction before the opera starts?

In the Upper Foyer 30 minutes before the start of each performance a short introduction is provided, with background information about the work and the author, along with notes about the staging, to help audiences appreciate what is to come. 
Before symphony concerts and performances by the Berlin State Ballet in-depth introductions into the evening's works are also provided; these begin 45 minutes before the concert and are also held in the Upper Foyer. 

Is there Englisch surtitles?

Not only can you hear and feel that nothing but the very best is good enough for our audiences here at the Komische Oper - you can also feel it when you take your seat. We installed new seating which provides you with more leg-room and comfort than before. The best feature of the new seats is their built-in translation system, something which is currently unique amongst German opera houses. Nearly every seat is fitted with a display on which you can choose to view the performance’s accompanying text. In principle this functions like a normal subtitling system... but in fact it is much more sophisticated: you can individually select whether to follow the text in German or in English, and you can turn off the display if you don't want either. Special masking foil also prevents the displays of the people on either side of you from interfering with your enjoyment of the opera. Does that sound astonishing? That's because it is!

Can I bring children to the Komische Oper Berlin?

Children over five years old are welcome and require their own ticket next to the accompanying adult. Babies will not be admitted into the auditoriums. Please see production pages for age guidelines.

Where can I buy a programme?

Programmes are on sale in the Main Entrance Foyer and the Box Office. Programmes include a synopsis (in german) illustrated pieces on the production and essays about the historical context.

What food and drink is available?

In the Komischen Oper Berlin, konzeptbar GmbH ensures that your visit to the opera is rounded off with culinary excellence. The gastronomic services in the foyer are available an hour before each curtain-up and provide you with refreshments and light snacks upon entry and during intervals. Please request a quote for special occasions.You can of course pre-order refreshments and food, or reserve a table, both by phone  (+49 (0)30 202 60 450)

Can I take food and drink into the auditorium?

Food and drink are not permitted in the auditorium.

Can I book a Opera Dinner?

In association with the Komische Oper Berlin gastronomy service, we are able to present a culinary operatic delight for selected performances: as a stimulating aperitif a thrilling look behind the scenes with an expert guide (beginning each day at 16:00) followed by a three course meal at banquet tables in the special atmosphere of the Opera Casino, before the curtain rises on the performance itself. Tickets for the Opera and Dinner events can be purchased from €78 in the price groups I to IV, depending on availability.

Since capacity is limited, reservations are necessary at least seven days before the performance, by telephone at (030) 47 99 74 00 or from the opera ticket office at Unter den Linden 41.

Is it possible to record or photograph the performance?

The use of cameras and recording equipment is strictly forbidden.
Discover the House
Our guided tours, which are provided at weekends, enable visitors to take a vivid and informative look behind the scenes at the Komische Oper Berlin. We also hold special guided tours on the subjects of make-up, costumes, props and set design, which offer detailed insights into the work of individual departments in the opera house.
Opera Breakfast
Two weeks before each premiere, on Sundays at 12 noon, the dramaturg responsible for the show stages an Introductory Matinée in the foyer of the Komische Oper Berlin, focusing on the composer, the work and the staging that has been chosen. The director, conductor, set designer and costume designer explain the background to the production, to heighten the audience’s enjoyment.

From 10 o'clock on these Sundays visitors are able to meet in the inviting atmosphere of the foyer for Sunday brunch, provided by the opera gastronomy service.
Guest Lectures and After Show Lounge Parties at revival performances
"Every performance a Premiere!" This was the credo of the founder of the Komische Oper, Walter Felsenstein. We too celebrate the revival of a production just like a premiere, with guest lectures from renowned experts relating to the theme of the performance. .These lectures start 45 minutes prior to the revival performance, which is followed by the After Show Lounge.

Enjoy an expert guided tour behind the scenes before the performance, followed by a sophisticated three-course meal in the special atmosphere of the opera canteen before the curtain goes up! 
Don Juan, the epitome of the seducer, inspired Mozart to one of his most influential operas. Frivolous, witty and profound all at once. The perfect opportunity for Herbert Fritsch, the master of theatrical folly, whose highly musical style of staging is tailor-made for this "light-hearted spectacle" about fatal passions.
A tenor, a soprano and three musicians travel around Europe on the Gastarbeiterroute –the road people who worked in Germany or Austria took to travel to their counties of origin during holidays. Berlin – Munich – Vienna – Belgrad – Sofia – Istanbul
What is the »Opera-O-mat«? A question-and-answer tool designed to facilitate selection of a successful night at the opera.
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