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Morgen in der Jesus Christus Kirche Berlin: Französische Kammermusik mit @BrigitteGeller! 🎼🎹🇫🇷 https://t.co/5eAgmjEwfJ
25.02. 17:08
Große Freude! Danke @BR_KLASSIK für den "Frosch des Jahres" für "Die Perlen der Cleopatra" https://t.co/1ufXDKIuJi
25.02. 16:20
Juhu, #KOBPetruschkaLenfant ist auf dem Titel der @Opernwelt https://t.co/qReWhjYSQk
24.02. 17:17
»Es war so schön am Abend bummeln zu gehn!« #KOBBallimSavoy ist wieder da! Danke euch allen! https://t.co/5j3pybD6l9
23.02. 23:02
Die Rückkehr der Ohrwürmer Wir freuen uns auf die heutige Wiederaufnahme um 19 Uhr ... #KOBBallimSavoy <3 <3 <3 https://t.co/nFa4LhTcAW
23.02. 14:15
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A tenor, a soprano and three musicians travel around Europe on the Gastarbeiterroute –the road people who worked in Germany or Austria took to travel to their counties of origin during holidays. Berlin – Munich – Vienna – Belgrad – Sofia – Istanbul
What is the »Opera-O-mat«? A question-and-answer tool designed to facilitate selection of a successful night at the opera.
Don Juan, the epitome of the seducer, inspired Mozart to one of his most influential operas. Frivolous, witty and profound all at once. The perfect opportunity for Herbert Fritsch, the master of theatrical folly, whose highly musical style of staging is tailor-made for this "light-hearted spectacle" about fatal passions.
Director Barrie Kosky presents Offenbach's surreal and fantastical story as the disturbing nightmare of an artist who is in danger of losing ever more of his own self ... Watch the trailer here!
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