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Every year a total of around 180,000 people attend the 250 performances. Each season we offer new productions, around 18 revivals, eight symphony concerts, numerous foyer concerts, concerts for children, and special events.
Our guided tours, which are provided at weekends, enable visitors to take a vivid and informative look behind the scenes at the Komische Oper Berlin. We also hold special guided tours on the subjects of make-up, costumes, props and set design, which offer detailed insights into the work of individual departments in the opera house.

Guided Tour (up to 16 years of age)
1 hour and 15 minutes

Special Guided Tour (up to 16 years of age)
1 hour and 30 minutes
Recommended for age 8 upwards

Participant numbers are limited, so registration is required:
Tel: (030) 47 99 74 00
Dates in the programme schedule

Individual Tours
Contact Yvonne Trawny
Tel: (030) 202 60 223
Two weeks before each premiere, on Sundays at 12 noon, the dramaturg responsible for the show stages an Introductory Matinée in the foyer of the Komische Oper Berlin, focusing on the composer, the work and the staging that has been chosen. The director, conductor, set designer and costume designer explain the background to the production, to heighten the audience’s enjoyment.

From 10 o'clock on these Sundays visitors are able to meet in the inviting atmosphere of the foyer for Sunday brunch, provided by the opera gastronomy service.

(Please note that while the introductory matinee is free of charge, this doesn't apply to brunch).
30 minutes before the start of each performance a short introduction is provided in the Upper Foyer. The company dramaturgs, or assistants under their supervision, supply background information about the work and the author, indicates how best to appreciate the staging and stimulate the audience’s appetite for what is to come. Before symphony concerts and performances by the Berlin State Ballet in-depth introductions into the evening's works are also provided; these begin 45 minutes before the concert, in the Upper Foyer.

No introductions are offered before premieres, special events or performances of the children's repertoire.
Once a month, after a performance, audiences have the opportunity to meet with the director, conductor, dramaturg and singers to discuss the production, ask questions, express admiration or convey criticism. The dates of these events are published in the monthly programme schedule and on our website.
The Dramaturgy Department of the Komische Oper Berlin is at your disposal for questions about the productions, ideas, praise and criticism. Head Dramaturg Ulrich Lenz and dramaturgs Johanna Wall and Pavel B. Jiracek can be reached by phone or email at:

Tel: (030) 202 60 404
In the Komische Oper Berlin, the supposedly familiar is turned into something new and interesting, and certainties are questioned.
We present new perspectives, not just of the pieces themselves, but of the form as a whole.

A tenor, a soprano and three musicians travel around Europe on the Gastarbeiterroute –the road people who worked in Germany or Austria took to travel to their counties of origin during holidays. Berlin – Munich – Vienna – Belgrad – Sofia – Istanbul
In the Komische Oper Berlin, the birthplace of modern musical theatre, tradition has always meant innovation.
1927 is a London based performance company that specialise in combining performance and live music with animation and film to create magical filmic theatre.
Don Juan, the epitome of the seducer, inspired Mozart to one of his most influential operas. Frivolous, witty and profound all at once. The perfect opportunity for Herbert Fritsch, the master of theatrical folly, whose highly musical style of staging is tailor-made for this "light-hearted spectacle" about fatal passions.
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