Children and Young People

The Komische Oper Berlin wants to make young visitors' first encounter with musical theatre as fascinating as possible – it provides its own form of access to the artform that is opera, and also engages in a fruitful dialogue with its young audience.

From workshops on theatre education to productions of children's operas on the big stage; from children's concerts to music theatre projects in schools; from the season-start festival to the children's choir – the choice on offer to audiences from the age of 4 upwards in classrooms and the big stage is unique in terms of its scope, richness and emphasis, and thrills more than 40,000 young visitors every year.

The range of educational offerings from »Komische Oper Young« is today also aimed at adults who wish to engage with opera as a comprehensive artwork in workshops, continuing education programmes and seminars. The programme includes employee and manager workshops for companies, continuing education programmes for teachers and childcare professionals, and seminars at universities and educational institutes.

For additional information regarding educational services and projects, please see the brochure »Komische Oper Schule«, or get in touch directly with:

Anne-Kathrin Ostrop, Head of Musical Theatre Education
Telephone / Fax  +49 (0)30 202 60 375 / 377
Sun 4 September 2016, from 10 am

The start of a new season is something to celebrate! And we will, with a festival for children and their families at which the new children’s opera Peter Pan by Richard Ayres and premièring in Berlin on 6 November 2016 will take centre stage. Not only can Peter Pan fly – he also takes the children with him straight to Neverland on a journey into the imagination, with a little assistance from costume designers and make-up artists. Music will be provided in numerous small and large concerts by soloists and various ensembles; the children's choir will demonstrate its abilities, and the magic of the stage will be opened up to the public until the entire opera house becomes a hive of activity.

Entry is free.
Tickets are required for performances in the Grosser Saal.
Children and young people are invited to immerse themselves in the exciting world of musical theatre at the Komische Oper Berlin. And they do this with enthusiasm -  each season, 30,000 children and young people avail themselves of the comprehensive range provided by »Komische Oper ’Young«, which is specifically aimed at the needs of young people. The music theatre education department at the Komische Oper Berlin today works together with over 400 schools. The extremely positive feedback shows how important it is to encourage the imagination and creativity of young people and to reinforce their interest in art, culture, and opera. This why we hold a children's opera première on the Große Bühne (great stage) each season, including inaugural performances. The care and the passion with which we produce children's operas is transmitted to the young audience and leads to an intuitive exploration of opera on the part of the children and young people. 

Our own enthusiasm alone is not enough to fascinate other people. This is why we offer a comprehensive workshop programme which uses the method of dramatic interpretation of music and theatre to introduce young visitors of all ages to the art form that is opera. The concerts for children and the moderated concert rehearsals are an especially impressive experience for all visitors and helpers alike. This is because these concerts are not just about listening passively, but also about joining in, listening actively, clapping, and making music. With the aid of age-appropriate presentation, young people learn about the musical and cultural-historical context of a piece, and they can ask the conductor and the musicians about their work. Children also receive the opportunity to become a part of the children's choir, which is made up of almost 80 boys and girls aged between six and 14; it is a firm feature of the opera house's tradition.  Not only can the children's choir be seen and heard on our stage during numerous performances in our repertoire - it is also and above all an important part of our children's opera productions. One event for our grown-up and younger visitors alike is the annual festival to mark the new season, which is specially designed for children and their families; it's hugely popular.
A music-based and integrative language-learning project for refugee and mainstream classes in Berlin's primary schools

The Komische Oper Berlin wishes to use its expertise to help with the linguistic and cultural integration of refugees, especially on behalf of children and their families. This project focuses on the long-term work with children and their parents from refugee and mainstream classes at Berlin's primary schools. Here, the refugee children are taught German by means of music and theatre, are introduced to Western music, and also have the opportunity to incorporate the music of their homeland into the project. Specifically, experts in musical theatre education will work with the children to analyse Prokofiev's world-famous musical fairytale Peter and the Wolf (1936) using comprehensive teaching materials. For this purpose, the orchestra will record a CD of this concert-piece in German and Arabic. The project will conclude with a joint concert visit by all the children and parents from the refugee and mainstream classes, at which Peter and the Wolf will be told in both German and Arabic.

Children's concert 5
Mon 19 June / Sun 25 June 2017, 11 am
Children's opera – the art of complex demands
12 to 14 February 2017

The Komische Oper Berlin has been producing children's operas on the big stage with great success for many years now. For the purposes of mutual inspiration and the exchange of experience, it is now hosting a symposium and inviting the makers of children's operas – including the areas of libretti, composition, dramaturgy, direction, musical theatre education – as well as schools, kindergartens and parents with an interest in culture. The focus is on the analysis and interpretation of the various specific demands posed by an audience of children, the accompanying adults and the producers of theatre. Specialist talks by experts in the relevant sciences and visits to various productions of children's operas unite theory and practice. The precise symposium programme is yet to be announced.
Attending a symphony concert becomes an especially formative experience for secondary-school and sixth-form pupils if the event is preceded by a visit to the school by one of our orchestra musicians, who uses his or her instrument to provide an introduction to the programme. As part of the concert visit, these 'concert guides' are happy to answer questions and talk to pupils. This is a free offer for school classes which have booked concert tickets. From twelve years of age onwards
As an accompaniment to many of our operas, you can order age-specific educational material to prepare your pupils prior to the opera visit. In addition, Anne Kathrin Astrop, an expert in music theatre education, also offers teacher training for selected works, using the method of dramatic interpretation of music and theatre.
The Komische Oper Berlin is the only Berlin opera house to be a member of the European Network for Opera in Education (RESEO), and is represented in a leading position at the Institut für Szenische Interpretation von Musik und Theater (Institute for Dramatic Interpretation of Music and Theatre) ISIM by its expert in music theatre education. 

The Komische Oper Berlin is heavily involved in the TUSCH-Berlin project (TUSCH = Theater Und Schule, 'theatre and schools'). In addition to this project, an intensive partnership has developed between the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin and the school orchestras and big bands of the Arndt-Gymnasium Dahlem.
In around 350 introductory workshops, children, young people, students, families and adults can use the method of "scene interpretation of music and theatre" to prepare themselves in an age-appropriate manner for their visit to the opera. Here, participants slip into the roles from the piece they are to see, feel their way into the music of the work, and independently explore key scenes. In the process, what were hitherto unknown opera characters become people whose motives participants can empathise with, and complex events are transformed into comprehensive sequences of actions. This allows participants to leave behind the role of passive listener and to actively experience the piece for themselves.

Workshops are held for all of the schedule's operas. They are offered free as part of the preparations for attending a performance.
Season Start Festival
Every year the KomischeOper Berlin begins the season with a varied programme for younger visitors and their families

Discover Opera!
To us, vital, contemporary musical theatre means that the audience can understand everything which is sung, because it has direct meaning for their lives and addresses them directly.

Opera for children
Every season the Komische Oper Berlin will première an opera for children.

Concerts for children
The concerts for children are staged on Sundays for families and on weekday mornings for Kindergarten groups and school classes.

Playful, practical introductory workshops help prepare children and young people for a visit to an opera performance.

Partner projects
In the past season, the project »Abenteuer Oper« (»The Adventure of Opera«), in which the Komische Oper Berlin collaborates intensively with two schools in Kreuzberg, was successfully commenced together with the Berlin building society GEWOBAG.

Anne-Kathrin Ostrop
Education manager
Tel: 030/ 202 60 375
Fax: 030/ 202 60 377
For many years now, the children's choir has been an important part of the opera house's tradition as a musical theatre. The around 100 young singers aged between 6 and 18 enrich the opera house in many different ways, not least through their great variety of cultural backgrounds.
Under the directorship of Dagmar Fiebach, the children are prepared for the varied and highly sophisticated challenges of regular performing in rehearsals taking place several times a week. The musical and acting work is complemented with regular professional voice coaching by experienced singers from Berlin's opera houses. Highlights of the 2016-17 season will include the season-start festival, several concerts on the stage of the Komische Oper Berlin and other concert venues around Berlin, and the Berlin première of the children's opera Peter Pan by the British composer Richard Ayres, as well as the resumption of the successful children's opera Snow White and the 77 Dwarves by Elena Kats-Chernin. In addition to this, the young singers are very much looking forward to singing the part of the children's choir in Maurice Ravel's L’Enfant et les Sortilèges and in Modest Mussorgski's The Fair at Sorochyntsi.

Dagmar Fiebach, Director of the Children's Choir
Telephone  +49 (0)30 202 60 290

A tenor, a soprano and three musicians travel around Europe on the Gastarbeiterroute –the road people who worked in Germany or Austria took to travel to their counties of origin during holidays. Berlin – Munich – Vienna – Belgrad – Sofia – Istanbul
In the Komische Oper Berlin, the birthplace of modern musical theatre, tradition has always meant innovation.
1927 is a London based performance company that specialise in combining performance and live music with animation and film to create magical filmic theatre.
Don Juan, the epitome of the seducer, inspired Mozart to one of his most influential operas. Frivolous, witty and profound all at once. The perfect opportunity for Herbert Fritsch, the master of theatrical folly, whose highly musical style of staging is tailor-made for this "light-hearted spectacle" about fatal passions.
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